Custodian - Job Description

Under the supervision of the Assigned Manager, conduct daily cleaning of assigned Cooperative offices and external/adjacent buildings. Additional duties include grounds maintenance, assisting with the basic maintenance, repair of organizational equipment and issuing/receiving/inventory of materials and supplies.


1. Sweep, vacuum, mop floors as directed.

2. Dust and clean blinds, light fixtures, furniture, pictures, windows, etc. and the interior of building as directed.

3. Maintain cleanliness and supplies in kitchen and restrooms.

4. Empty trash receptacles.

5. Mow, edge, pick up trash and refuse on facility grounds.

6. Perform preventative and repair maintenance to buildings and grounds.

7. Assist in maintenance of Farrow Room, as needed.

8. Assist in loading and unloading of office supplies and other deliveries as required.

9. Assist in receiving, disbursing, and inventorying of materials and supplies.

10. Perform basic cleaning and maintenance of small organizational equipment items.

11. Must be able to lift 50 pounds and carry that weight 100 yards on a regular, recurring basis.

12. Must be able to climb stairs, stoop, bend, and crouch as required.

13. Must be willing and able to clean and maintain grounds in satellite offices and main building, as needed.

14. Assist with conducting the organizational equipment maintenance program.

15. Assist with maintaining the vehicles/equipment parts inventory.

16. Provide onsite repair of organizational vehicles and equipment to include, but not limited to, tune-ups, brake replacement, oil changes, tire repair, miscellaneous part replacement, vehicle washing, replace struts/shocks, bearing, etc.

17. Assist in the general maintenance and organization of all Cooperative facilities and equipment.

18. When required, properly test voltage and set meters in accordance with safety procedures.

19. When required, use "Extendo Stick" to trip transformer to pull fuse and/or terminate service.

20. When required, conduct right-of-way activities such as tree cutting, brush removal, cleanup debris and/or maintain any other right-of-way needs.

21. When required, conduct field inspections of utility poles and right-of-way.

22. When required, operate line locating equipment and correctly mark underground electric facilities.

23. Use hand, electric, and gas powered equipment in accordance with industry and safety standards.

24. Assist with cleaning, setting up & maintenance of HILCO Civic & Event Center.


Vacuum, buffer, gasoline powered lawn mower, weed eater, lawn edger, grinder, drill, saw, forklift, organizational vehicle.


As necessary to perform assigned job, in an emergency situation, or as necessary for the conduct of training, will be required to enter member/customer’s property.


• Knowledge of safe use of chemical cleaning materials (flammable/non-flammable).

• Knowledge of safe operation of electrical and gas powered lawn maintenance equipment.

• Ability to communicate effectively with a culturally diverse population.

• Good math skills.

• Ability to lift 50 lbs. on a repetitive basis.

• Ability to operate organizational vehicles in accordance with all applicable traffic laws.

• Ability to travel intra/inter-state as necessary for the conduct of training.

• Ability to move about and within a multi-level office building.


• High School diploma or equivalent required.

• Valid Texas Driver’s license or the ability to obtain license prior to first day of employment required. Must be eligible to be and remain insured as a driver by the Cooperative’s group liability policy for the automotive fleet.

• All required certifications or licenses must be submitted to the Human Resources Department fifteen work days prior to expiration.

This job description is intended to identify the essential functions of a position and should not be interpreted as all-inclusive. The incumbent(s) may be required to perform or assume additional job-related responsibilities other than those stated in this description.

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