Under the supervision of the Assistant Director of Operations, Foreman, or First Class Lineman, install, troubleshoot and repair failures of underground/overhead single and three-phase electrical lines and communication devices; operate trenching and backhoe/front end loading equipment; climb utility poles; clear right-of-way; and operate an aerial lift device.


1. Identify all materials required to build new services and/or repair existing service. Identification includes, but is not limited to, determining the actual name of the material and its size, color, voltage, use, etc. (as appropriate).

2. Assist senior linemen in setting and grounding poles; running pre-measured service wire.

3. Inspect facility/equipment for loose hardware, broken or frayed wiring, low voltage, etc., splice wire, replace system components, and tighten hardware.

4. Identify system features, primary and alternate routes to specified locations using grid maps and/or lot maps.

5. Assist in inspection of vehicles and equipment to maintain safety and operational capability. Check/fill fluid levels, tire pressure, major dents, and/or cracks. Lubricate, adjust, repair in accordance with specified procedures.

6. With supervision, develop material requirement lists for minor installation activities.

7. Properly connect wiring to meter loops, test voltage, and set meters in accordance with safety procedures.

8. Assist in pulling meter, disconnect service wiring, and secure the facility and equipment for safety.

9. With supervision, use “Extendo Stick” to trip transformer to pull fuse and/or terminate service.

10. Use hand, electric, and gas powered equipment in accordance with industry and safety standards.

11. Operate organizational vehicles in accordance with State driving laws and OSHA standards for safe operability.

12. Reconcile material list inventories on vehicles and trailers. Identify salvageable/non-salvageable materials. Return to inventory or dispose of material as appropriate.

13. With supervision, ground utility poles and lines; properly build overhead and underground lines; conduct ROW activities such as tree cutting, brush removal, and debris cleanup.

14. Attend and pass pole climbing certificate program within six months of employment.

15. Lift 100 pounds and carry weight for a minimum of 20 feet.

16. Assist qualified personnel in accomplishment of aerial platforms related tasks according to manufacturer’s load limit specifications.

17. Select appropriate size and type of wire and color-coded connectors needed to build or repair electrical facilities.

18. Assist in the installation and maintenance of all aerial and subterranean devices placed on the HILCO system.

19. Must have the ability to travel intra/inter-state as needed to perform duties at satellite locations.

20. Must be able to perform job duties within parameters of new technology, such as, but not limited to, video conferencing, web-based applications, and wireless applications.

21. Must be able to walk over uneven, steep, and difficult terrain for distances of over a mile on a regular basis.

22. Must be able to carry 25 pounds of gear while working in an aerial lift device with a weight limit of 350 pounds.

23. Assist in maintaining system of operational maps to reflect system capabilities and facility locations.


Organizational vehicles including large and small trucks, backhoe/front end loader, trenching equipment; shovel; power saw; bow saw; hammer; pliers; cutters; squeeze-on wrench and dies; portable generator; speed and compression wrenches; fork lift, off road vehicles.


• Train for follow-on lineman operations

• As necessary to perform assigned job, in an emergency situation, or as necessary for the conduct of training, will be required to enter member/customer’s property.


• Strong work ethic.

• Ability to work outdoors, during various weather conditions, for extended periods of time.

• Ability to work in an overtime/on call situation and to work in a rotating shift basis including weekends.

• Good math skills.

• Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

• Ability to operate a motor vehicle in a safe, courteous manner in accordance with all applicable traffic laws.

• Ability to make sound decisions in crisis, non-routine situations.

• Experienced in working with the public in a courteous, respectful manner.

• Ability to perform under minimum supervision situations.

• Ability to lift 100 pounds on a regular, recurring basis and carry that weight for a minimum of 20 feet.

• Ability to travel intra/inter-state as necessary for the conduct of training and/or disaster support.

• Ability to walk over uneven, steep and difficult terrain for distances of over a mile on a regular basis.

• Ability to work in an aerial lift device with a weight limit of 350 pounds while carrying or wearing 25 pounds of gear.

• Ability to move about and within a multi-level office building.

• Ability to obtain security clearance as needed to access governmental facilities.

• Must have at least six months experience as a Groundman before advancement to Apprentice Lineman will be considered. Advancement to Apprentice Lineman is required after one year in Groundman position unless a time extension has been granted at the discretion of the General Manager/CEO.


• High School diploma or equivalent required.

• One year general work experience.

• Valid Texas Driver’s license w/Commercial Drivers License (CDL) endorsement or ability to obtain one prior to first day of employment required. Must be eligible to be and remain insured as a driver by the Cooperative’s group liability policy for the automotive fleet.

• Must be eligible to obtain security clearance as needed to access governmental facilities.

• All required certifications or licenses must be submitted to the Human Resources Department fifteen work days prior to expiration.

This job description is intended to identify the essential functions of a position and should not be interpreted as all-inclusive. The incumbent(s) may be required to perform or assume additional job-related responsibilities other than those stated in this description.