Can I choose my electric energy provider?

When asked on prior member surveys, HILCO has asked the members if they wish to opt into competition. Every year the overwhelming majority of members indicate they do not wish for their electric cooperative to enter the deregulated market. Deregulation just has not proven to save the average residential customer money. When members judge their cooperative by the results it produces for them, HILCO members have every reason to be proud of the cooperative's board of directors, management, and employees as the members experience competitively low rates, are able to make contributions to the community, see solid financial strength, and have reliable electric service. HILCO is the leading force in promoting a strong economy in our area. Because a cooperative is owned by the local people and the businesses it serves, rather than far-away shareholders, it is a not-for-profit operation that returns excess revenues to its member-customer in proportion to the size of their electric bills. Our motive is to serve the members, not private profit.