Rebate Programs

Rebate funds are limited to a maximum of $500 per member per calendar year regardless of eligibility, excluding rebates for renewable energy programs.

Smart Thermostat Rebate

Members who purchase a Smart Thermostat are eligible for this rebate. To receive the rebate, simply complete and attach this form to a copy of your receipt. Rebate request must be postmarked within sixty days from the date of the purchase and must occur within 2019.

HVAC Service Rebate

HVAC tune-up and maintenance helps to keep heat pump and central air conditioning units operating at top efficiency, prevents equipment failure, and extends the life of the unit. A tune-up by a service professional can improve unit efficiency by as much as 20%.

Energy Efficient New Home Construction Rebate

Congratulations on your new home!!! Was it certified an ENERGY STAR home during the construction process? If so, HILCO Electric Cooperative is happy to provide you with a $500.00 rebate.