HILCO Electric Cooperative

HILCO Electric is a member owned, not for profit, electric cooperative that provides its members with low-cost, dependable power. Combined with efficient management , we offer electric service with promptness and professionalism. Originating in 1936 with a handful of members in the area, HILCO serves Hill, Johnson, McLennan, Ellis, and Dallas Counties with over 2,800+ miles of overhead and underground distribution lines.


Board Meeting

Next Board Meeting is March 28, 2019

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World Down Syndrome Day is recognized on March 21st to symbolize three copies of the 21st chromosome or Trisomy 21, which is the most common form of Down syndrome. When you wear your "crazy" or "wild" socks they are intended to start conversations, raise awareness and to remind us all how we can support our mission. HILCO staff is proud to support and recognize World Syndrome Day.

Texas Co-op Power

#TBT Lyndon Baines Johnson was a staunch supporter of rural electrification in Texas for his entire political career. Consequently, he often appeared on the pages and covers of TCP, as in this issue from January 1964. Check this month's Currents section to see a timeline spanning 75 years of politics in our pages! https://goo.gl/xSoGqg #TCP75