HILCO Electric Cooperative

HILCO Electric is a member owned, not for profit, electric cooperative that provides its members with low-cost, dependable power. Combined with efficient management , we offer electric service with promptness and professionalism. Originating in 1936 with a handful of members in the area, HILCO serves Hill, Johnson, McLennan, Ellis, and Dallas Counties with over 2,800+ miles of overhead and underground distribution lines.


Board Meeting

Next Board Meeting is March 29, 2018

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SCAM ALERT: If you receive a check from someone paying you for a service (example: Dog walking) or a purchase with a check made out FROM HILCO and they ask you to keep your portion and wire them the difference, these are fraudulent checks, please do not cash them, because then the bank will hold you responsible for the full amount. If you receive any check from HILCO,at any time, please feel free to contact our office to verify authenticity. Your HILCO team.

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