How reliable is your service?

We continually work to ensure our members have the power when they need it. Our work plans include upgrading existing services to meet the demands of our growing cooperative, as well as include plans to maintain clearance through tree trimming. HILCO’s ASAI 5 year average, as of the end of 2018, is 0.999481 ( so basically we are on 99.9481% of the time). However, due to storms, animals, or even vehicle accidents, we do have unavoidable outages. When outages occur, our focus is on restoring as many members as possible as quickly as possible. The general guideline is to start at the substation level. By restoring service to the substation, many members will have their service restored. The next level would be at the feeder level, then the phase level, and finally, we work on restoring power at the individual transformer and service level. Priority is given to individuals who have a documented medical necessity for electricity.