What can I do to save money?

Each home and family is unique. The insulation level, how well the windows seal, whether the appliances are energy-efficient or not play into how much energy is consumed. The habits of the inhabitants also determine the usage. Things like how often laundry is washed and dried, whether window shades are kept closed, and the setting on the thermostat also contribute to the usage level. At HILCO Electric Cooperative, we understand the rising cost of electricity and provide information to our members on how they can save money. Whether a member uses the energy calculator off the www.hilco.coop website, reads the tips published each month in our Texas Co-op Power magazine, or requests a free energy-savings guidebook to be mailed, HILCO Electric Cooperative works to find ways to disseminate information to our members. Additionally, thanks to the capabilities of our TWACS metering system, we can provide members with daily meter readings. Many members find this information useful in assisting them with tracking when their usage increases. Another service the cooperative provides to the members free of charge is an extensive one-on-one home energy audit. After completing a short questionnaire, a representative will meet the member in their home an suggest ways to help lower their usage.