What do I need to do to get solar installed? What is the process?

1. We will need an interconnection agreement:

  • 2. Please forward the short form contract, Exhibit A, and one-line diagram completed to jmarek@hilco.coop.
  • 3. The $50 application fee if the solar installation is less than 5kW or $250 application fee if greater than 5kW.
  • The application fee can be paid in any of our office locations, or
  • By mail to the attention of: HILCO Electric Cooperative, Attention Joe Marek, P. O. Box 127 Itasca, TX 76055, or
  • By phone with a credit card by calling 833-536-0427, (you will need your HILCO account #). It is an automated number that will allow you to submit payment.
  • Please contact Joe Marek via email or by phone when payment has been made.
  • 4. After reviewing the application, we will respond when you may proceed with your installation.
  • 5. When the installation is complete, please notify us for your site inspection. If the installation passes inspection, it complies with any applicable laws, and all safety features are in place, then HILCO will approve and give permission to operate your new system.

For any further questions, you can review our Tariffs or you may email or call Joe Marek at (800)338-6425 Ext. 2289.